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Radiology is a specialty in medicine that uses imaging technology in the diagnosis of disease. These technologies include x-rays, ultrasound and Doppler, CT scan and MRI.
Services provided in DMC include:
• Abdominal ultrasound
• Trans-vaginal ultrasound
• Pelvic ultrasound
• Arterial and venous Doppler
• Carotid Doppler
• Pregnancy ultrasound and Doppler
• Renal Doppler
• Testicular Doppler
• Thyroid and Parotid ultrasound
• Breast ultrasound
• X-rays
Dr. Nermine Kiwan
MB Bch, MSc, Specialist in Radio-Diagnosis
She was granted her MB Bch from Cairo University Medical School- Kasr El Aini Hospital 1998.She completed her medical training in Kasr El Aini hospital from 1999 and continued training at Police Academy Authority Hospital and Ghaly’s Medical Center at 2000. She obtained her MSc degree in radio-diagnosis at Kasr El Aini Hospital in 2004. Then continued training at El Nakheel Hospital as Doppler specialist. Then she continued training at Techno scan (Women Health Center) and at Capital Scan as Doppler specialist and mammography specialist.
She passed her first part of MD exams in 2012. She has fluent French, English and Arabic.