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Hematology is the study of blood, the blood-forming organs and blood diseases. It includes the study of etiology, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of blood diseases that affect the production of blood and its components such as blood cells, hemoglobin, blood proteins and the mechanism of coagulation. Physicians specialized in hematology are known as hematologists.
Hematologists may specialize further or have special interests, for example, in:
• treating bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
• treating hematological malignancies such as lymphoma and leukemia
• treating hemoglobinopathies
• in the science of blood transfusion and the work of a blood bank
• in bone marrow and stem cell transplantation
Dr. Maha Farouk
Lecturer of Internal Medicine and Hematology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University